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New investigator Near steps forward, a central figure in the SPK, an American organization trying to catch Kira without relying on L (whom they know is a fake). Near, aware of the existence of Death Notes, wants to get his hands on one, but a challenge to his efforts comes from his orphanage rival, Mello, who throws a curve into Near's efforts by having his underworld thugs kidnap Japanese Police Director Takimura, ready to trade him for a Death Note.

  • Yönetmen:Tetsurô Araki,Tomio Yamauchi
  • Yazan:Toshiki Inoue,Takeshi Obata,Tsugumi Ôba
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  • Orjinal Yayın Tarihi:2007-04-17
  • Türkiyedeki Yayın Tarihi:2007-04-17