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Fantastic Four: World s Greatest Heroes

This TV animated series follows the adventures of Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Human Torch and The Thing, otherwise known as Marvel's most famous family, the Fantastic Four. Following the original comic story-lines, characters, and plots, the Fantastic Four will battle their most famous villains including their mortal enemy, Dr. Doom. Marvel has teamed up with Moonscoop to create an awesome combination of 2D and 3D animation that will be sure to blow you away. Written by brbcool8

ResimSezon SırasıToplam Sırasıİngilizce İsimTürkçe İsimYönetmenYazar
11Trial by FireTrial by FireFranck MichelBob Forward
22DoomedDoomedFranck MichelCraig Kyle,Rob Loos,George Taweel
33DoomsdayDoomsdayFranck MichelCraig Kyle,Christopher L. Yost
44Hard KnocksHard KnocksFranck MichelJoshua Fine,Craig Kyle
55My Neighbor Was a SkrullMy Neighbor Was a SkrullFranck MichelJoe Kelly,Craig Kyle,Christopher L. Yost
66World's Tiniest HeroesWorld's Tiniest HeroesFranck MichelJoshua Fine,Craig Kyle,Christopher L. Yost
77Zoned OutZoned OutFranck MichelBob Forward,Craig Kyle,Christopher L. Yost
88Imperius RexImperius Rexn/ACraig Kyle,Len Uhley,Christopher L. Yost
1010ImpossibleImpossibleFranck MichelCraig Kyle,Rob Loos,George Taweel
1111Bait and SwitchBait and SwitchFranck MichelBob Forward,Craig Kyle,Christopher L. Yost
1212AnnihilationAnnihilationFranck MichelCraig Kyle,Christopher L. Yost,Christopher L. Yost
1313De-mole-itionDe-mole-itionn/ACraig Kyle,Christopher L. Yost
1414Revenge of the SkrullsRevenge of the SkrullsFranck MichelBob Forward,Craig Kyle,Christopher L. Yost
1515MolehattanMolehattann/AChris Hicks,Craig Kyle,Francis Lombard
1616StringsStringsn/AJoshua Fine,Craig Kyle,Christopher L. Yost
1717Doomsday Plus OneDoomsday Plus Onen/ACraig Kyle
1818The CureThe Curen/ADan Slott,Jack Kirby,Craig Kyle
1919FrightfulFrightfuln/ACraig Kyle,Len Uhley,Christopher L. Yost
2020Out of TimeOut of Timen/AJoshua Fine,Craig Kyle
2121Atlantis AttacksAtlantis Attacksn/ACraig Kyle,Christopher L. Yost
2222Shell GamesShell Gamesn/ARob Hoegee,Craig Kyle
2323Johnny Storm and the Potion of FireJohnny Storm and the Potion of Firen/ACraig Kyle,Len Uhley,Christopher L. Yost
2424Contest of ChampionsContest of Championsn/AJoshua Fine,Craig Kyle
2525Doom's Word is LawDoom's Word is Lawn/APaul Giacoppo,Craig Kyle
2626Scavenger HuntScavenger Huntn/ACraig Kyle,Christopher L. Yost