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Hagane no renkinjutsushi 2009

Two brothers lose their mother to an incurable disease. With the power of "alchemy", they use taboo knowledge to resurrect her. The process fails, and as a toll for using this type of alchemy, the older brother, Edward Elric loses his left leg while the younger brother, Alphonse Elric loses his entire body. To save his brother, Edward sacrifices his right arm and is able to affix his brother's soul to a suit of armor. With the help of a family friend, Edward receives metal limbs - "automail" - to replace his lost ones. With that, Edward vows to search for the Philosopher's Stone to return the brothers to their original bodies, even if it means becoming a "State Alchemist", one who uses his/her alchemy for the military. Written by Anonymous

ResimSezon SırasıToplam Sırasıİngilizce İsimTürkçe İsimYönetmenYazar
11Hagane no renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist)Hagane no renkinjutsushi (Fullmetal Alchemist)Takahiro Ikezoe,Yasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi,Blair Rowan
22Hajimari no hiHajimari no hiYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi,Blair Rowan
33Jukyou no machiJukyou no machiYasuhiro Irie,Masao ÔkuboHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
44Renkinjutsushi no kutsuuRenkinjutsushi no kutsuuYasuhiro Irie,Kiyomitsu SatoHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
55Kanashimi no ameKanashimi no ameHiroshi Iketomi,Yasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
66Kibou no michiKibou no michiYasuhiro Irie,Tsutomu YabukiHiromu Arakawa,Shotaro Suga,John Burgmeier
77Kakusareta shinjitsuKakusareta shinjitsuYasuhiro Irie,Masahiro SonodaHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
88Daigo kenkyuujoDaigo kenkyuujoYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
99Tsukurareta omoiTsukurareta omoiYasuhiro Irie,Masao ÔkuboHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
1010Sorezore no yukusakiSorezore no yukusakiYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
1111Rasshubarê no kisekiRasshubarê no kisekiYasuhiro Irie,Kiyomitsu SatoHiromu Arakawa,Shotaro Suga
1212Ichi wa zen, Zen wa ichiIchi wa zen, Zen wa ichiYasuhiro Irie,Ikurô SatôHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
1313Daburisu no kemono tachiDaburisu no kemono tachiYasuhiro Irie,Keiko OyamadaHiromu Arakawa,Shotaro Suga
1414Chika ni hisomu mono tachiChika ni hisomu mono tachiHiroshi Iketomi,Yasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
1515Touhou no shishaTouhou no shishaYasuhiro Irie,Rokô OgiwaraHiromu Arakawa,Yoneki Tsumura
1616Tomo no ashiatoTomo no ashiatoYasuhiro Irie,Tsutomu YabukiHiromu Arakawa,Shotaro Suga
1717Reitetsu na honooReitetsu na honooYasuhiro Irie,Masahiro SonodaHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
1818Chiisana ningen no gouman na tenohiraChiisana ningen no gouman na tenohiraYasuhiro Irie,Keiko Oyamada,Kazuhide TomonagaHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
1919Shinazaru mono no shiShinazaru mono no shiYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
2020Bozen no chichiBozen no chichiYasuhiro Irie,Ikurô SatôHiromu Arakawa,Yoneki Tsumura
2121Gusha no zenshinGusha no zenshinYasuhiro Irie,Kiyomitsu SatoHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
2222Tooku no senakaTooku no senakaYasuhiro Irie,Tsutomu YabukiHiromu Arakawa,Shotaro Suga
2323Ikusaba no shoujoIkusaba no shoujoYasuhiro Irie,Takayuki TanakaHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
2424Hara no nakaHara no nakaYasuhiro Irie,Keiko OyamadaHiromu Arakawa,Seishi Minakami
2525Yami no tobiraYami no tobiraHiroshi Iketomi,Yasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Yoneki Tsumura
2626SaikaiSaikaiTakahiro Ikezoe,Yasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
2727Hazama no utageHazama no utageYasuhiro Irie,Tsutomu YabukiHiromu Arakawa,Yoneki Tsumura
2828OtousamaOtousamaYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Shotaro Suga
2929Gusha no agakiGusha no agakiYasuhiro Irie,Daisuke TsukushiHiromu Arakawa,Seishi Minakami
3030Ishuvâru senmetsusenIshuvâru senmetsusenYasuhiro Irie,Ikurô SatôHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
3131520 senzu no yakusoku520 senzu no yakusokuYasuhiro Irie,Kiyomitsu SatoHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
3232Daisoutou no musukoDaisoutou no musukoYasuhiro Irie,Tsutomu YabukiHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
3333Burigguzu no hokuhekiBurigguzu no hokuhekiYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Shotaro Suga
3434Koori no joouKoori no joouYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Shotaro Suga
3535Kono kuni no katachiKono kuni no katachiYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Seishi Minakami
3636Kazoku no shouzouKazoku no shouzouYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
3737Hajimari no homunkurusuHajimari no homunkurusuYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
3838Bazukûru no gekitouBazukûru no gekitouYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Yoneki Tsumura
3939Hakuchuu no yumeHakuchuu no yumeYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Seishi Minakami
4040HomunkurusuHomunkurusuYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
4141NarakuNarakuYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
4242Hangeki no kizashiHangeki no kizashiYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Shotaro Suga
4343Ari no hitokamiAri no hitokamiYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Yoneki Tsumura
4444Barin barin no zenkaiBarin barin no zenkaiYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Seishi Minakami
4545Yaskusoku no hiYaskusoku no hiYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
4646Semaru kageSemaru kageYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
4747Yami no shishaYami no shishaYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Seishi Minakami
4848Chikadou no chikaiChikadou no chikaiYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Shotaro Suga
4949Oyako no jouOyako no jouYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Yoneki Tsumura
5050Sentoraru douranSentoraru douranYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
5151Fushi no gundanFushi no gundanYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Seishi Minakami
5252Minna no chikaraMinna no chikaraYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Michihiro Tsuchiya
5353Fukushuu no honooFukushuu no honooYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
5454Rekka no saki niRekka no saki niYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Shotaro Suga
5555Otonatachi no ikizamaOtonatachi no ikizamaYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
5656Daisoutou no kikanDaisoutou no kikanYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
5757Eien no itomaEien no itomaYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Seishi Minakami,John Burgmeier
5858HitobashiraHitobashiraYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
5959Ushinawareta hikariUshinawareta hikariYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
6060Ten no hitomi, shi no tobiraTen no hitomi, shi no tobiraYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
6161Kami o nomikomishi monoKami o nomikomishi monoYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
6262Seizetsunaru hangekiSeizetsunaru hangekiYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
6363Tobira no mukougawaTobira no mukougawaYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi
6464Tabiji no hateTabiji no hateYasuhiro IrieHiromu Arakawa,Hiroshi Ônogi