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The Driver's Seat

When Coop is testing one of his latest features on Megas, he inadvertently teleports himself right into the Glorft's mothership, in which they take him prisoner. Kiva and Jamie must figure out how exactly to get Coop back before they cause him any physical harm, though with all the modifications Coop has made towards Megas, they can't figure out how to properly control it. Meanwhile, Gorrath decides to use some unconventional tactics in hopes of getting Coop to reveal the essential information he needs to find Megas.

  • Yönetmen:Chris Prynoski
  • Yazan:Jody Schaeffer,George Krstic,George Krstic
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  • Orjinal Yayın Tarihi:2004-08-28
  • Türkiyedeki Yayın Tarihi:2004-08-28