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When Lila, the new girl at school, lies to everyone that she and Ladybug are close friends, Marinette becomes jealous since she was flirting with Adrien. While spying on Adrien and Lila in the library Tikki, her kwami, is desperate to get her hands on Adrien's book. But when Lila steals the book, she lies to Adrien at the park that she's the descendant of a super heroine. When Marinette's jealousy takes over, she humiliates Lila as Ladybug in front of Adrien. Jealous and upset, Lila is influenced by Hawk Moth and turns into Volpina, a villain who has the power of ...

  • Yönetmen:n/A
  • Yazan:Nicky Baker,Matthieu Choquet,Leonie De Rudder
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  • Orjinal Yayın Tarihi:2016-03-19
  • Türkiyedeki Yayın Tarihi:2016-03-19