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Over the Garden Wall

The series follows two half-brothers, Wirt and Greg (voiced by Elijah Wood and Collin Dean respectively), who become lost in a strange forest called the Unknown. In order to find their way home, the two must travel across the seemingly supernatural forest with the occasional help of the wandering, mysterious and elderly Woodsman (Christopher Lloyd) and Beatrice (Melanie Lynskey), an irritable bluebird who travels with the boys in order to find a woman called Adelaide, who can supposedly undo the curse on Beatrice and her family and show the half-brothers the way home.[2] Wirt, the older brother, is a worry-prone teenager who would rather keep to himself than have to make a decision. His three passions are the clarinet, poetry, and interior design, but he keeps this private out of fear of being mocked. On the other hand, Greg, the younger brother, is all about play and being carefree, much to Wirt's chagrin and the danger to himself and others. Greg carries a frog (Jack Jones), whose name is undetermined and who can communicate only through singing. Stalking the main cast is the Beast (Samuel Ramey), an ancient creature who leads lost souls astray until they lose their hope and willpower and turn into "Edelwood trees".

  • Kategori:Animasyon, Macera, Drama, Aile, Fantezi, Korku, Gizem, Gerilim,
  • Ülke:United States,
  • Yaratıcı:n/A
  • Yönetmen:Nick Cross,Robert Alvarez,Larry Leichliter,Eddy Houchins,Nate Cash
  • Yaratıcı Yönetmen:Nate Cash,Bert Youn
  • Orjinal Yayın Başlangıcı:2007-11-03
  • Türkiyedeki Yayın Başlangıcı:2007-11-03

ResimSezon SırasıToplam Sırasıİngilizce İsimTürkçe İsimYönetmenYazar
11Chapter 1: The Old Grist MillChapter 1: The Old Grist MillNate CashPatrick McHale,Steve Wolfhard,Natasha Allegri
22Chapter 2: Hard Times at the Huskin' BeeChapter 2: Hard Times at the Huskin' BeeNate CashPatrick McHale,Patrick McHale,Aaron Renier
33Chapter 3: Schooltown FolliesChapter 3: Schooltown FolliesNate CashPatrick McHale,Jim Campbell,Laura Park
44Chapter 4: Songs of the Dark LanternChapter 4: Songs of the Dark LanternNate CashPatrick McHale,Pendleton Ward,Bert Youn
55Chapter 5: Mad LoveChapter 5: Mad LoveNate CashPatrick McHale,Natasha Allegri,Zac Gorman
66Chapter 6: Lullaby in FroglandChapter 6: Lullaby in FroglandNate CashPatrick McHale,Bert Youn,Nick Edwards
77Chapter 7: The Ringing of the BellChapter 7: The Ringing of the BellNate CashPatrick McHale,Patrick McHale,Bert Youn
88Chapter 8: Babes in the WoodsChapter 8: Babes in the WoodsNate CashPatrick McHale,Mark Bodnar,Jim Campbell
99Chapter 9: Into the UnknownChapter 9: Into the UnknownNate CashPatrick McHale,Cole Sanchez,Vi-Dieu Nguyen
1010Chapter 10: The UnknownChapter 10: The UnknownNate CashPatrick McHale,Natasha Allegri,Jim Campbell